San Diego Zoo

A symbol set that visually represents the various exhibits at the San Diego Zoo. The warm color scheme is reminiscent of the southern California weather.

Purpose: create unified symbol set for zoo of choice / Duration: 5 wks



Digital Design

Meet Me at the Zoo.jpg
Final Symbols.jpg
poster closeup.jpg


initial drawings.jpg

Fontina Typeface

A typeface based on the Beecher’s Cheese storefront sign in Seattle, WA.

Purpose: Create a complete typeface based on a sign
Role: designing B, E, F, I, P, R, M, N, Z, &, @, hyphen, en- and em-dashes / Team: Alex Britton, Mara Childs, Daisy James, Piper Wysaske
Duration: 5 wks



Typeface Design

Fontina Mockup.jpg

My final glyphs


Typeface reference—Beecher’s Cheese storefront in Seattle

Typeface reference—Beecher’s Cheese storefront in Seattle

We started by perfecting O, o, i, and I. After refining these letters, we used them as a basis for our letter dimensions. We drew our letters on tracing paper and continued to make refinements. When we were happy with our drawings, we refined the letters in Illustrator.

Letter Sketches.jpg