Lily Pad

Lily Pad is an app that helps parents manage their child's developmental progress, while cherishing their most precious moments along the way.

Purpose: Design app for existing Baby Steps site including redesign of visual language / Role: designing Baby Book interface / Team: Alex Britton, Uyen Chao, Piper Wysaske / Duration: 5 wks



Baby Book Digital Design

Lily Pad Cover.jpg

Design Goals
1.  Redesign the current language, organization and appearance of the website to create a user friendly app.
2. Decrease the anxiety that parents feel when screening their children.
3. Approach milestone questions as activities and prioritize them over the timeline.

LP final screens .jpg


The left gif shows how you would scroll through Baby Book, tapping into a post. The right shows adding a memory to the Baby Book.



Development of Baby Book design

Original Design of Baby Steps Website

original baby steps website.jpg

Baby Steps was originally designed to improve the record-keeping process, encourage parents to more frequently collect and review records and improve parent-pediatrician communication. Current problems with the website include: lack of time, traditional methods are not proactive, parents forget, psychological/cultural factors prevent parents from recording for fear their child is below average and the desire to not worry.